Near Florence, to the borders of Tuscany and Emilia Romagna too, Mugello Land is a land handsome and proud, largely green and pristine. Medici’s Family started its rise from here and then, here always, built many little churches, houses and castles, included today in Unesco Heritage. Giotto, Andrea Del Castagno and Beato Angelico, Great Renaissance Artists, borned in Mugello.



Today this Land hosts a renewed farming alongside a thriving manufactoring activity. There are farms with selected meats and high quality milk, fruits and vegetables, wines, honey, cheeses, chestnuts, mushrooms, truffles, cold cuts. It’s a “new land” with a new touristic fame. For that its traditions have a particular flavor, very true. If you’ll know Mugello You’ll love it immediately as well as We love it and we’ll love it forever and ever. In Our Market We gave priority about its products. Ther’s not a long way to do for our products to come in our shelves but they come from far away because they have got a long history as well as men and women that produce through their skilful work.


FOTO Villa medicea di Cafaggiolo:   Photo CC BY Massimiliano Galardi

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